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    and plant engineering

    Improved performance and maneuverability

    Precise motion control for industry leaders

    Hense swivel motors optimize performance and efficiency

    In mechanical and plant engineering, Hense products not only control precise movements, but also optimize production lines and machine performance and automate processes. Hense swivel motors and components improve productivity, quality and efficiency and thus contribute to the competitiveness of companies.

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    Product overview for
    Mechanical and plant engineering

    DISCOVER products for this industry
    HSL series
    Servo-hydraulic controls can significantly expand the range of applications for rotary actuators.
    HSB series
    The swivel motors are used when a swivel position must remain unchanged once a load torque has been applied.
    HSE series
    The swivel motors also fulfill the function of end position damping with or without adjustable swivel angle limitation.
    HSG series
    The swivel motors to control program-controlled sequences such as acceleration, travel and braking in open-loop or closed-loop systems using proportional or servo valves.

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