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    Pallet changing system

    HUB-swivel combination

    HWP pallet change


    We have been developing pallet changers for changing pallets with workpieces in machining centers with our swivel motors since 1996.

    The swivel motor and linear unit of this pallet changer are designed in such a way that all forces from the workpiece load, even with one-sided pallet loading, are completely absorbed by the unit. The costly bearing points familiar from conventional change systems are no longer required. This means that a self-sufficient unit can be integrated into the machine bed with extremely little assembly effort and takes over the complete workpiece change in the smallest possible installation space. The broad acceptance of our system is demonstrated by more than 8000 devices in 40 different variants, which have now been supplied to 15 well-known machine tool manufacturers.

    • Compact unit with high power density
    • Integrated bearing points to absorb all external forces from the workpiece change, even with one-sided loading
    • Fast and harmonious kinematics
    • Short non-productive times thanks to fast workpiece changes
    • Long service life with high reliability and maintenance-free operation
    • High certified quality thanks to extensive test runs on test benches for each pallet changer to be supplied
    • Simplified logistics thanks to product-specific transport racks
    • Low product prices by dispensing with proportional or servo valve technology

    Parallel or serial

    The basic principle

    When designing a pallet changer, we differentiate between two design variants. In the so-called serial design, the lifting unit is mounted on the drive shaft of the swivel motor, which results in a long and slim design. In the second variant, the so-called parallel design, one or two lifting units are arranged parallel to the swivel motor. This design requires a short and wide geometry. Which principle is used is largely determined by the chosen overall structure of the machine tool, which ultimately determines the space available between the machine bed and the floor or other components such as chip conveyors.

    Product overview

    Serial pallet changer
    This version generates a narrow and elongated design. At the same time, the serial design eliminates the need for additional separate storage of the pallet holder.
    Parallel pallet changer
    This design generates a short and wider pallet changer with a free space below the rotary swivel axis. This allows the swivel axis to be positioned directly above a chip conveyor, for example.

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