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    Our range of accessories

    Thanks to a wide range of accessories, Hense operators can be individually configured for a wide variety of applications and optimally matched to the function of the overall system.

    To ensure perfect and safe operation, we are on hand to help you select and optimally coordinate all components.

    • Servo valves, proportional valves and switching valves with different nominal sizes
    • Pulsation damper for smoothing vibrations and uneven flow rates
    • Subplates for positioning valves and pulsation accumulators close to the motor
    • High-resolution rotation angle sensors that are coupled directly to the swivel motor shaft by means of a torsionally rigid coupling
    • Pressure sensors
    • Torque measuring shafts or reference torque measuring disks
    • Clamping sets, shrink disks or profiled hubs for torque transmission
    • Torsionally rigid couplings for reliable torque transmission with simultaneous shaft displacement
    • Angled flanges for mounting the swivel motors parallel to the axis
    • Multi-path rotary feedthroughs
    • Control and regulation electronics


    Hub with shrink disk

    Angled flange

    Valve block

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