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    from Hense Systeme

    A look into the past

    From the rotary piston cylinder to the hydraulic swivel motor

    Innovation in transition

    Since our foundation in 1966, we have experienced many changes in our business environment. This is the basis of our tireless efforts to draw the strength of the new from the transformation of the old in order to be a competent and reliable partner for you on an ongoing basis. You can expect comprehensive, professional and innovative system solutions from us at all times.

    A look back at our company history shows the enormous dynamism behind the Hense philosophy. Although our history dates back to just 1966, many challenges have arisen in this comparatively short time:



    Wilhelm Hense & Co. GmbH is founded by Wilhelm Hense and his son Paul Wilhelm Hense with the object of “manufacturing machines and tools and trading in these products”.


    Development of the rotary piston cylinder

    Based on five years of experience in the development and manufacture of customized machine components, we develop a system-simplifying drive – called a rotary piston cylinder – and initially present it to the construction machinery industry.


    Hydraulic slewing drives

    Based on the success of the first rotary piston cylinders, our hydraulic slewing drives of the HRS and HRS BD series are developed and made ready for series production. From now on, the entire mechanical engineering industry will be using the very power-dense drive concept, thereby honoring our market entry.



    Our market experience with the HRS and HRS BD series, combined with consistent further development, has resulted in a relaunch so that the HSG, HSE, HSB and HSK series can be presented to an interested market.



    Expansion of our production area by 350 m².



    Foundation of the subsidiary Hense Systemtechnik GmbH with the object of “development and sale of drive and automation systems”.



    Expansion of our production area by 850 m².


    New company constellation

    Wilhelm Hense & Co. GmbH is transferred to Hense Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, which is now the sole shareholder of Hense Systemtechnik GmbH.

    Within this new company constellation, the marketing strategies and, in particular, the product policy are being realigned.


    New applications

    Our strategic realignment, under which we see ourselves as a provider of customer-specific components and system solutions, is progressing successfully, allowing us to successfully develop a large number of new applications.


    New legal form

    In preparation for the handover to the third generation of the family, Mr. Frank Hense, Hense Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH and Hense Systemtechnik GmbH are merged into a new legal form – Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co KG. The purpose of the company is now the development, manufacture and sale of fluidic drive components and systems.


    Hydrostatic drives

    In October, our former competitor Karl Henninger e.G. transfers its “hydraulic swivel motors” product line to Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. The new market relationships established in this way will be fully integrated into our marketing concept.


    Cost leadership

    Thanks to the complete modernization and restructuring of the entire “Production” profit center, the strategy of segment leadership pursued since 1995 can be successfully supplemented by the strategy of cost leadership.


    Good forecast for the future

    Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG now employs 40 people and has a turnover of 6 million euros. By changing the marketing strategy in 1995, sales more than doubled in 5 years.


    Most successful year

    Through continuous modernization and the ongoing pursuit of our marketing strategies, Hense has succeeded in both consolidating its existing market position and expanding into other areas.


    Cost-cutting measures

    The so-called financial crisis that began at the end of 2008 affected the global economy, including the mechanical engineering industry. 2009 will therefore also be a challenging year for Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, with a slump in sales of 35%, which is typical for the industry. However, cost-cutting measures and the good corporate structure meant that even this difficult year ended with a positive result. Since April 2010, we have again seen a steady increase in incoming orders, which means that we can once again build on the good years 2006-2008 and therefore look positively to the future.


    Expanded product range

    The Fa. Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG expands its product range to include the two divisions:

    – The hydraulic tool changer
    – Hydr. Swivel motors for your fifth axle

    … and presents them at the “EMO 2011” trade fair in Hanover. Furthermore, the development of the hydraulic swivel motor for applications in test bench technology is being driven forward.


    Supplier Award

    Hense Systemtechnik receives the “Supplier Award 2014” from Gebrüder Heller GmbH in Nürtingen as an award for outstanding performance in the areas of quality and adherence to delivery dates.


    Automotive Testing Expo

    Following numerous modernization measures in recent years, Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG now employs 30 people and has established a secure position in the entire machine tool market. For the first time, the team from Fa. Hense Systemtechnik also presented its products for applications in the field of test bench technology at the “Automotive Testing Expo” in Stuttgart.


    Anniversary year

    Big company anniversary: Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co KG celebrated its 50th anniversary.

    Development of coupling mechanism plates and pallet locks


    Increased production possibilities

    By further renewing its machinery, the company is increasing its productivity. Hense’s production capabilities and vertical integration. In 2017, our experienced team will once again represent Hense at the “Automotive Testing Expo 2017 Europe” in Stuttgart and present our products for applications in test bench technology.
    In 2022, we will develop hydrostatically mounted test bench cylinders.


    New management

    Following the tragic loss of Mr. Frank Hense in May and Mr. Paul Wilhelm Hense in August, Mr. Christian Sartor joins the company as the new Managing Director. Together with the support of the entire Hense team and Ms. Theresa Hense, the company is looking positively towards the year 2024 and is looking forward to the upcoming changes and challenges.