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    Test bench technology

    Highly dynamic hydraulic swivel motors

    The Hense test stand technology

    HSS and HSH

    In all areas of industry, new products have to be made available to the market ready for series production in ever shorter periods of time. Knowledge of the load-bearing capacity and fatigue strength of materials, individual components or complete assemblies is an indispensable prerequisite for economical dimensioning and design.

    Torsion test rigs are often used to determine reliable characteristic values when simulating alternating torsional loads, which are required, for example, when testing couplings, shaft-hub connections, gearboxes, etc.

    With our highly dynamic swivel motors and swivel systems from the HSS and HSH series, we provide modern torsion test bench technology with high-quality drive units with maximum power density.

    The swivel motors in the HSS series have an output shaft with radial and axial plain bearings and are optimized in terms of bearing material and sealing technology with regard to friction behaviour. The swivel motors in the HSH series have a radially and axially hydrostatically mounted output shaft and are completely seal-free internally, making them a high-end product in terms of control characteristics and service life.

    Product overview

    HSH series
    HSH motors are preferably used in highly dynamically controlled systems with oscillating swivel movements in which disturbance variables such as natural friction and the stick-slip effect must be reduced to a minimum and the highest number of load cycles must be achieved.
    HSS series
    These drives are preferably used in controlled systems with oscillating swivel movements in the low-frequency range. They close the technological gap between conventional swivel motors for industrial applications and the HSH series.

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