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    Tool change system

    HUB-swivel combination

    HSWW- Tool change system


    The automatic feeding of tools from the tool magazine to the machining spindle is implemented in modern machining centers with the aid of a tool changer. At the same time, this device is used to return tools to the tool magazine.

    Reducing non-productive times is an important criterion for increasing the efficiency of machining centers. The chip-to-chip time is directly positively influenced by a fast tool change, i.e. a short tool change time.

    Production overview

    With their two independently controllable movement axes, the Hense tool changers provide the machine tool manufacturer with the basis for optimizing tool change times. At the same time, safe handling of even large and heavy tools is guaranteed by the use of the Hense tool changer. The adaptable gripper systems, e.g. a double gripper with an actively switchable opening function for both grippers, are designed to customer specifications.

    The free design of the linear axis and the swivel axis enables fast variable strokes and swivel angles of up to 270°.

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